Business Energy Efficiency Anglia (BEE Anglia) grant application, 2017

BEEAThe evolution of Edmund & Sedgwick Ltd has had to take into consideration the layout of the workshop itself and the machinery available.

First of all, we looked at the existing heating and found that this was outdated and too inefficient to be able to heat the expanding workshop. In addition to this, machines were moved out of the smaller Unit 6 into the larger adjacent Unit 5 (which was previously split into units 5A and 5B), allowing Unit 6 to be used as a construction area with work benches. The dividing wall between 5A & 5B was taken out to make a more spacious machine room (now Unit 5).

In August/September 2017 we were introduced to BEE Anglia (Business Energy Efficiency Anglia) in partnership with the European Union (European Union Regional Development Fund). These organisations help businesses to invest in the purchase and installation of equipment, machinery, technology or processes that contribute to energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

BEE Anglia/European Union helped Edmund & Sedgwick Ltd to purchase the following: –

  • A biomass wood waste burner to heat the workshop with warm air (offcut timber and shavings in the form of briquettes).
  • To extend the insulated suspended ceiling to cover the whole of Unit 5.
  • To install LED lighting in the new suspended ceiling.
  • Cost of sundries i.e. hiring of scaffolding and scissor lifts.

Edmund & Sedgwick Ltd were successful in their application and received a grant of 28% net towards the total cost.