New Anglia Small Grant Scheme, 2018

Our next project was to look at a programme of upgrading, in stages, some of our machines and their dust extraction systems. Our existing dust extraction system was made up of a number of individual extraction units allocated to various machines. These units took up workshop space, so we decided to invest in a larger single extraction unit and associated pipework. The extraction unit was housed outside the main building, freeing up workshop space.

Regarding machinery, the first objective was to free up the combined planer/thicknesser by investing in a stand-alone thicknesser, thus enabling the combined machine to be used as a surface planer only. This would allow both machines to be used simultaneously and therefore increase productivity.

In order to achieve this, in April 2018 we contacted Suffolk County Council who, with New Anglia (Local Enterprise Partnership for Norfolk & Suffolk) and the European Union Regional Development Fund, have made available a Small Grant Scheme for small businesses with big aspirations. This Small Grant Scheme helped Edmund & Sedgwick Ltd to then purchase the above thicknesser, alongside necessary electrical installations.

Edmund & Sedgwick Ltd were successful in their application and received a grant of 20% net towards the total cost.