The Tack Box
  • Project:Tack Box
  • Date:March 2016

Another in-house design, this piece of furniture was developed with the client to give them a long-lasting storage box to pass down through the family generations. Using solid European Oak, we used a method of finger-joining the box together with dowels to secure the joints; these give a super-strong construction for this type of rugged box. Due to the nature of the heavy lid, the client requested an assisted-opening mechanism, and therefore gas struts were incorporated. Once opened, the box offers internal storage which is divided up with a sliding tray and a brush box, which can both be lifted out. The tack box was completed with personalised initials for the client’s daughter, hand routed into the front fascia, and an oil finish was then applied.

  • Oiled finish
  • Finger-joined & dowelled
  • Routed detail